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Lagavulin, 9 Y - House Lannister (0.7 ℓ)

In celebration of the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, Diageo and HBO have released a series of limited-edition single malt whiskies, each paired with one of the iconic Houses of Westeros. For over 200 years Lagavulin has been crafted on the shores of Islay. Even though the distillery’s output is modest compared to some of its counterparts on the mainland, Lagavulin is easily one of the most iconic single malt whiskies in the world. Its whisky is made with the same calculation and tenacity employed by the Lannister’s in their rise to conquer the Iron Throne. This Lagavulin is a roaring whisky that recalls the Lannister’s riches and is best served neat or with a drop of water.

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Brand/Distillery Lagavulin
Region Islay
Contents 0.7 L / 70 CL
Alcohol % 46%