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General Terms and Conditions Tasting Collection

As deposited with the Chamber of Commerce Hilversum under Chamber of Commerce number 71132686.

Wijkermeerstraat 40
2131HA Hoofddorp
tel. 085-3037171
KvK Hilversum: 71132686
VAT: NL858592113B01


Tasting Collection accepts no liability whatsoever arising from errors (including typing errors) in, or omissions from, this Tasting Collection website. By accessing and using the Tasting Collection website, Buyers confirm their acceptance of these general terms and conditions, which may be amended without notice.


Prices stated on the site are exclusive from shipping costs. The shipping costs will be calculated in the check-out of the site, depending on the place of residence of the Buyer, and will be stated separately before the Buyer settles. All prices are in Euros and all orders will be settled in Euros. Prices may be displayed in other currencies by approximate prices. Unlike prices indicated in euros, these are always only for illustrative purposes and may deviate from the actual amount charged to the Buyer by PayPal, bank or card company, since exchange rates constantly change. The order total - the amount that the Buyer will actually be charged - will be shown in Euros before the Buyer places the order.

Goods must be paid for in full prior to shipment.

Prices quoted for all products or services offered, as shown on the site, are subject to change without notice. Any changes to the price will be communicated and confirmed to Buyer prior to shipment to Buyer to give Buyer the possibility to cancel the order.

Legal authority to enter into purchase:

Buyer must have reached the legal age to buy alcohol, both in the country where the Buyer confirms the order and in the country of destination. Purchaser should, if applicable, declare this on the site before billing.

Shipment and Delivery:

Tasting Collection sends orders ordered via the web shop, usually within 24 hours. Exceptions to this can be (but are not limited to) orders of more than 10 products all at once. All products offered are subject to availability. Tasting Collection cannot guarantee the availability of products.

Immediately upon receipt of goods by the Buyer, the Buyer must carefully check all items and contact Tasting Collection's customer service department immediately by e-mail if they are incorrect or incomplete. If an additional ordered product, such as a glass, a personal message or the packing of the Tasting Collection, has been delivered incorrectly or incompletely, Tasting Collection will refund the amount specifically invoiced for this purpose to the Buyer via the payment method on which the purchase has been effected.

In case of receipt of damaged goods, the Buyer must also immediately notify Tasting Collection by e-mail. Buyer does not return the goods, unless instructed by Tasting Collection and retains the goods until Buyer receives further instructions. Tasting Collection cannot accept any liability for delayed or non-delivery of the goods as a result of an incorrect delivery address in the checkout of the web shop. Even if the customer service of Tasting Collection asks the Buyer to change the address, Tasting Collection does not give any guarantee in respect of the speed that packages are processed with.

If a package is returned by one of our shipping partners to Tasting Collection as a result of an incomplete or incorrect delivery address provided by the Buyer, Tasting Collection will charge the additional shipping costs for resending the product. If the Buyer does not wish the goods to be re-dispatched, Tasting Collection will refund the value of the goods to the Buyer minus the original shipping costs.

Tasting Collection accepts no liability for goods that require arrival before a specific date and which do not arrive at the Buyer within the required timeframe.

Inquiries about a (not yet) (un)delivered order for the Netherlands and Belgium is possible only 5 days after expected delivery date, as per the conditions of our shipping partners. An investigation into (un)delivery of an order for the rest of the world can only be requested 2 weeks after the original expected delivery date. Buyer will be requested to sign, scan and return a ‘recipient declaration’ to Tasting Collection’s customer service department within the timeframe mentioned in such request to Buyer.

Local taxes and excise duties are the responsibility of the customer.

Tasting Collection is not responsible for any orders that are seized or confiscated due to the Buyer's failure to fulfill additional customs obligations.

Undesirable goods that have been delivered correctly cannot be returned by Tasting Collection for safety reasons.

Whisky Tasting Club

Contract duration:

Membership for Whisky Tasting Club is for a minimum period of 1 year, starting on the date of online ordering via the web shop or signing the form on location. Cancelling of the agreement is possible by means of a payment of € 35 administration costs, which must be paid before the membership is terminated.


When entering into a membership at Whisky Tasting Club online via the online web shop using the direct debit payment method, Buyer must pay in advance the first part of the membership, which includes the costs for the startup edition and the IBAN number for direct debit purposes must be correctly filled-in before the first edition of Whisky Tasting Club is delivered to Buyer. Failure to fill in this IBAN number correctly does not release the Buyer from obligations resulting from entering into the agreement.

Reversal of collection:

Tasting Collection reserves the right to suspend the sending of subsequent editions until such time as payments have been made for the dispatched and subsequent editions. This does not release the Buyer from payment of the aforementioned editions. The Buyer will be charged an additional administration fee of € 0.50 per reversal.