Le Opere - Prosecco (0.5 ℓ)

The Zanin Distilleria in Zugliano (Veneto) has been making Grappa since 1895. Zanin started early on with Monovitigno Grappa, which means nothing more than that the Grappa is made from one kind of grape. After pressing the grapes by the winemaker, the pulp goes to the distillery. The alcohol is steamed out of the pulp and Grappa is distilled from it. The white Prosecco grape is quite light and easy, which is easily recognizable in the Grappa. Fresh fruit tones with a little pepper. Unfurtunately, you won't find bubbles in this Grappa, like in Prosecco wine.

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Brand/Distillery Le Opere
Region Italy
Contents 0.5 L / 50 CL
Alcohol % 40%