Game of Thrones Whisky

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A big range of bottles from the legendary Game of Thrones series, 8 Single Malt Scotch whisky's and 3 Scotch Blended Whisky's.


Game Of Thrones Whisky

Game of Thrones has not only conquered the world of television but has also mastered the world of Scotch single malt. Game of Thrones Whisky transports you to the vast lands of Westeros, where you’ll meet the various houses from the Game of Thrones universe, such as the resilient House Stark or the meticulous calculating family members of House Lannister.

The iconic characters and creative world of the television series formed the inspiration for Game of Thrones Whisky, a range of single malts and blends unlike ever produced for a television series. Game of Thrones Whisky consists of premium, highly collectible and extremely high-quality whiskies, all offering something unique and different from the lively world of Game of Thrones.

For example, each of the Game of Thrones Malt Whiskies is paired with one of the iconic Houses of Westeros. Dalwhinnie, one of the highest distilleries in the whole of Scotland, is the perfect Game of Thrones Whisky for House Stark, a family known for its ability to thrive in even the most intense situations and shaped by Winterfell’s frigid temperatures. Another one of the eye-catching Game of Thrones Whiskies is the Talisker Select Reserve, paired with House Greyjoy. Both are known for their location on scenic and rough islands, reflecting in the character of the whisky as well as the Greyjoys themselves.

The world-famous and quintessential Scotch blended whisky brand Johnnie Walker has also found its way to the universe of Game of Thrones Whisky. A White Walker is not just the intimidating and zombie-like creature that roams the terrain north of The Wall, but also a delectable blend and worthy member of the family of Game of Thrones Whiskies. Then there’s the latest additions, A Song of Ice and A Song of Fire, two blends that take the best from House Stark and House Targaryen and combine it into a yummy Game of Thrones Whisky.

The television series might have concluded, but Game of Thrones Whisky has made its mark on the world of Scotch and is here to stay!

Game Of Thrones Whisky