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Peaky Blinder - Black Spiced (0.7 ℓ)

Drink like a Peaky Blinder and feel as though you’re part of this notorious gang from 1920s Birmingham, with this exceptional Peaky Blinder Black Spiced Rum. It is inspired by the flavors from the gang’s era, when exciting new flavors made its way to England, as new ethnicities settled in the area. Peaky Blinder Black Spiced Rum is modernized with essences of orange, vanilla, raisin and nutmeg. The spirit is produced by family business Sadler’s, who own some of the pubs that the real-life Peaky Blinders gang used to frequent.

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Brand/Distillery Sadler's
Region England
Contents 0.7 L / 70 CL
Alcohol % 40%