Tasting Collection

Tasting Collection of very special alcoholic beverages and culinary products. Discover your favorite and learn to distinguish the differences. Become an expert while you enjoy.

The Tube

We present you the different brands in a special glass tube, with a content of 25 ml, the standard 'serving unit' for most liquors around 40% vol. This clear, transparent tube is great for judging the color and because of its form it's presented beautifully in our Tasting Collections.

The Collections

Tasting Collection is available in a wide range of products; with or without alcohol. Whether you choose for a carton gift box or a beautiful wooden cabinet; the tasting is always beautifully presented. You can choose from a gift box of 6 or 12 tubes or a luxury wooden box of 6, 12 or 24 tubes with premium content.

Taste & Learn

Every Tasting Collection comes with a booklet with information about and images of the products in your collection. Where does it come from, who makes it and how is it made? You won't only learn to distinguish the flavors in a relaxed way but you will also get a lot of knowledge about the often special background from what you taste.