Tea Tastings

Discover the best Teas with the beautiful Tea tasting sets from Tasting Collection. Have a wonderful evening of tasting fun as you learn about the different types of tea. From the best known varieties to very rare and special Teas. A wonderful gift or a wonderful present for yourself!

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Tea Tasting

A moment of delicious discoveries. Taste the tastiest teas, learn the differences between the kinds and styles and discover what you like best! The Tea Tasting Collections are beautiful sets of the best teas in a beautiful gift box.

A delicious moment of Tea Tasting

With our Tea Tastings you're guaranteed a wonderful moment of discovery! You'll learn the differences between the brands and styles by tasting the tastiest teas, specially selected by our experts. All our Tasting Collections come in a beautiful gift box. Choose your favourite and become a tea connoisseur or expert in no time.

Discover your taste

With one of our Tea Tastings you will learn the differences between the brands and styles by tasting the tastiest teas, specially selected by our experts. All our Tasting Collections come in a beautiful gift box, guaranteeing you a wonderful evening of discovery!

Have you found your favourite? Then order a full bottle of the tea you like best. This way you'll never "blindly" buy an expensive bottle which can be disappointing. Or have you got the taste for it and would like to continue tasting it? Then order another of our many other Tastings and keep on discovering.

Tea Gift

A Tasting Collection is of course a great gift to give. The luxurious look and feel and the exclusive teas make the experience of this tea tasting even richer. Have it wrapped as a gift and add a personal message and the experience is complete. With all the great reviews, you are sure to have found a great gift for the recipient.

How we create the perfect Tea Tastings

Our tea tastings are put together with care by the best tea connoisseurs from our network, the so-called 'tea sommeliers'. We select on the basis of quality, taste and production process. Only the best teas are selected to be included in a Tasting Collection.

After the teas are selected, we will make a tasting of teas of which the balance is very important. After all, there are so many types of tea! Think of rooibos tea, green tea, black tea, herbal tea and blends. Of each type of tea there are many varieties that are slightly different from each other. We select the perfect content for a tea tasting based on taste so you can enjoy the best tea and discover your favorite tea!

The different Tea Tasting Collections

There are different types of Tea Tasting Collections, from luxury boxes of 6 or 12 different types of tea to luxury wooden boxes of 6, 12 or even 24 different types of tea! Order a luxury Tea Tasting today and discover the very best varieties of Tea!

The perfect Tea gift

The Tea Tasting Collections are of course a great gift to give!

Learn how to taste Tea:

Learn to taste Tea with a Tea Tasting Collection, discover so much about tasting Tea:

  • Discover how to brew Tea
  • Discover how to taste Tea
  • Discover the different types of Tea
  • Discover the influence of the ingredients of Tea
  • Discover the influence of the production method of Tea
  • But most of all: Discover your own taste!


Tea Course

Actually, it's a complete Tea Course in a beautiful gift package, but without the tedium of a course and with the fun things that a course lacks. And what could be more fun than a tea tasting course?

What types of tea are there?

There are many different types of Tea, we list them below:

  • Black tea
  • Ceylon tea
  • Earl Grey
  • Darjeeling
  • Lapsang souchong
  • Oolong
  • Green tea
  • White tea
  • Assam tea
  • Yellow tea
  • Pu-Erh tea
  • Herbal
  • Rooibos
  • Star Mix
  • Liquorice
  • Chamomile
  • Mint tea
  • Nettle


At what temperature should you brew tea?

Temperature when making tea

Basically, we recommend that you drink your tea in the way you like it best. After all, tastes differ. However, as a guideline we give you a 'brewing instruction' for all our teas, so you know how water, temperature and tea influence each other.

Below you will find the ideal brewing temperature for each type of tea:

Type of tea Temperature

  • White tea 80ºC
  • Yellow tea 80ºC - 85ºC
  • Green tea 65ºC - 80ºC
  • Black tea 90ºC - 100ºC
  • Oolong tea 100ºC - 100ºC
  • Pu Ehr Tea 95ºC - 100ºC
  • Rooibos 100ºC
  • Herbal 100ºC


Tea Tasting At Home

Discover all this with a Tea Tasting which you can do at home, from your old chair or nice and cosy on the couch, with friends or all by yourself, taste as you like! This is how you taste the most honestly, that bottle of wine you discovered on vacation and took a few bottles of home with you? It tastes different when you drink it at home. That's why tasting at home is always the most honest, it's purely about the taste, not the environment or the experience.

Snacks and food with your tea tasting, a High Tea at home!

It is also very nice to have snacks with your tea tasting, a High Tea! And of course this can be as simple or elaborate as you want. You can choose sweet snacks such as pastries, cakes, candies, etc. . but also savory snacks are delicious, sandwiches, toast, fish, actually there is much to be combined with tea. As you taste more tea you will discover many flavors in teas and learn what is a good match with each other.

Tea Tasting Glasses or Mugs

The perfect Tea glasses for tasting

There are many types of Tea glasses, but which one is best for tasting in? Actually, in terms of taste, it only matters what material your glass or mug is, a metal mug for example can taste very much like metal, so that affects the taste of the tea very much. We prefer to use glass, it is the most taste neutral and because it is transparent you can easily judge the color of the tea.

Perfect for everyone from beginner to tea expert!

We often get the question: Which tea is good for a beginner? And that is one of the most difficult questions. Because tastes differ, do you also not know where to start? Then we recommend you to start with a nice tea set, which one you choose does not matter yet, because in this set you get many different styles and you will discover the quickest which tea you like best. So there is always plenty to taste.

Tea Egg or Tea strainer

Please note that the best tea is always loose tea, not tea in bags. Because we only have the best tea in our Tasting Collections, you will need a Tea Egg or Tea Sieve. These come in many different sizes and types, from super cheap to nice and expensive designs. In terms of taste it will not make much difference, but in terms of convenience it will. Now that you are going to discover the wonderful world of Tea, you will be drinking a lot more Tea in the future so a little quality will come in handy.