Vodka Tastings

Discover the best Vodkas with the beautiful Vodka tasting sets from Tasting Collection. Have a wonderful evening of tasting fun as you learn about the different types of Vodka. From the biggest and most famous brands to extremely rare and special Vodkas. A wonderful gift or a wonderful present for yourself!

Vodka Tasting Collection 6 Tubes Gift Box

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Vodka Tasting Collection 12 samples set in gift box
Vodka Tasting Collection 12 samples set in wooden gift box
Vodka Degustatie 24 Tubes Proeverij Cadeau set in Houten Geschenkdoos kist

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Vodka Tasting Samples Gift Box

The best Vodka in one tasting

Tasting Collection went in search of the best Vodka to make tastings of it. We learnt a lot from it. Because of often the same transparent colour, it quickly seems that all vodka tastes the same, but it turned out not to be so at all. The differences in Vodkas are huge! The raw material is usually grain, but you can also make Vodka from potatoes and even grapes! The method of distillation has a big influence on the flavour and quality but it is precisely the filtering that brands often want to distinguish themselves with. The way of filtering, such as with charcoal but even with diamonds, and the amount of filtering determines how clean or pure the Vodka ultimately is. There are even Vodkas that have aged in oak barrels. Tasting Collection sought out the best Vodkas and turned them into some wonderful tastings.

The different Vodka tastings

Vodka tastings come in luxury boxes of 6 or 12 tubes, or in beautiful wooden cases of 6, 12 or even 24 different types of Vodkas. Order a delicious Vodka tasting today and discover the very best Vodkas.

Vodka gift

Vodka tastings are, of course, also great gifts to give to a Vodka lover.