Rum Tastings

Discover the best Rums with the beautiful Rum tasting sets from Tasting Collection. Have a wonderful evening of tasting fun as you learn about the different types of Rum. From the biggest and most famous brands to extremely rare and special Rums. A wonderful gift or a wonderful present for yourself!

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Rum Tasting Samples Gift Box

How we made the perfect rum tastings for you

Our rum tastings are put together by the best rum experts! These experts select the rums based on taste and production differences as well as regional variety. Only the best rums are selected for the Tasting Collections. These rums differ in the ingredients used, the production process, the type of cask, but also where a rum is produced and matured influences its taste. We put together the content for your rum tasting based on quality, but also on budget, so you can enjoy the best rums and discover your favourite within your budget or give a rum tasting as a gift.

The different Rum tastings

You can choose from different types of Rum Tasting Collections, from luxury boxes of 6 or 12 different types of rum to luxury wooden boxes of 6, 12 or even 24 different types of rum. The rum information booklet tells you the background of the rum you are tasting. Order your rum tasting today and find your favourite among the very best types of rum or give a rum tasting as a gift!

Learn how to taste rum

Learn to taste rum with a rum tasting from Tasting Collection, discover so much about tasting rum:

  • Discover which Rum glasses are good for tasting
  • Discover how to taste
  • Discover how to smell
  • Discover the different types of rum
  • Discover the influence of the ingredients of rum
  • Discover the Influence of rum Production Method
  • Discover the Influence of Wooden Casks
  • But most of all: Discover your own taste!

rum Course

This is actually a complete rum course in a beautiful gift box, but without the tedium of a course and with all the fun things that a course lacks. And what could be more fun than a rum tasting course?

Rum tasting at home

All this with a rum tasting which you can do at home, from your old chair, nice and cosy on the couch, completely dressed in Scottish kilt, or nice and cosy in your jogging trousers, tasting as you like! This is how you taste the most honestly, that bottle of wine you discovered on holiday and brought home a few bottles of? It tastes different when you drink it at home. That's why tasting at home is always the most honest. It's all about the taste, not the environment or the experience.

Bites and food pairing with your rum tasting

It's also great fun to have snacks with your rum tasting, and this can be as simple or elaborate as you like. For example, water or white bread (without toppings) can be used to reset your taste palette between the rums, but you can also make very nice combinations, such as chocolate & rum, nuts & Rum, but even blue cheese with rum. As you taste more rum, you will discover many flavors in rums and learn what is a good match with each other.

Rum Tasting Glasses

The perfect rum tasting glasses

There are many types of rum glasses, but which one is the best for tasting? The most famous rum glass is the Tumbler, the round glass with upright edges, but this is actually not good for tasting at all. In a rum Tumbler, you can not judge the colour very well, but more importantly, the scent and aromas evaporate too quickly, making it difficult to assess the scent and therefore the taste. We therefore always recommend a Glencairn glass, as this glass is specially designed to taste your rum as well as possible. A lot of time and research went into this, resulting in the perfect rum tasting glass!

Perfect for everyone from beginner to rum expert!

We often get the question; Which rum is good for a beginner? And that is one of the most difficult questions. Because tastes differ, do you know where to start? Then we recommend you to just start with a Rum set, this gives you many different styles and you discover the quickest which rum you like best. Once you've discovered which type of rum you like best you can choose one of the other sets that go further in that direction. So there is always plenty to taste.