Liqueur Tastings

Discover the best Liqueurs with the beautiful Liqueur tasting sets from Tasting Collection. Have a wonderful evening of tasting fun as you learn about the different types of Liqueur. From the biggest and most famous brands to extremely rare and special Liqueurs. A wonderful gift or a wonderful present for yourself!

Limoncello Tasting Collection 6 Tubes in Gift Box
Liqueur Tasting Collection 6 tubes samples set in gift box
Limoncello Tasting Collection 12 Tubes in Gift Box
Liqueur Tasting Collection 12 tubes samples set in gift box

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Liqueur Tasting Samples Gift Box

How we make the perfect liqueur tasting

The sweet temptation, liqueur! We have been searching for the most delicious liqueurs, coffee liqueur, fruit liqueur, nut liqueur, think of a flavour and it exists! But is quality good enough?

Tasting Collection searched for only the very best liqueurs to put together a delicious liqueur tasting for you. We looked at the way of producing, the history of the liqueur makers and of course the most important; the taste!

The different liqueur tastings

The liqueur tastings are available in luxury gift boxes or wooden cassettes of 6 or 12 delicious liqueurs. Order a liqueur tasting of your choice today and start tasting liqueur right away. Your knowledge and taste will be enriched and you will appreciate liquor like never before.

The perfect liqueur gift

The Liqueur Tasting Collections are of course a great gift to give!

Learn how to taste liqueur:

Learn to taste liqueur with a Liqueur Tasting Collection, discover so much about tasting liqueur:

  • Find out which liqueur glasses are good for tasting
  • Find out how to taste liqueur
  • Discover how to smell
  • Discover the different types of liqueur
  • Discover the influence of the ingredients of Liqueur
  • Discover the influence of the production method of Liqueur
  • But above all: Discover your own taste!


Liqueur Course

Actually, it is a complete liqueur course in a beautiful gift wrapping, but without the tedium of a course and with the fun things that are missing in a course. And what could be more fun than a liqueur tasting course?

What types of liqueur are there?

There are many different kinds of liqueur, we list them below:

  • Chocolate liqueur
  • Citrus liqueur
  • Cream liqueur
  • Fruit liqueur and fruit liqueur
  • Banana liqueur
  • Coffee liqueur
  • Herbal liqueur
  • Limoncello
  • Nutty liqueur
  • Whisky liqueur


Liqueur tasting at home

All this with a liqueur tasting that you can do at home, from your old chair or nicely on the couch, with friends or completely on your own, taste as you please! This is also the most honest way of tasting, that bottle of wine you discovered on holiday and took a few bottles of home with you? It tastes different when you drink it at home. That's why tasting at home is always the most honest. It's all about the taste, not the environment or the experience.

Snacks and Food with your Liqueur Tasting

It is also very nice to have snacks with your liqueur tasting, and this can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. For example, water or white baguette (without toppings) can be used to reset your palette between liqueurs, or you can make beautiful combinations, chocolate with liqueur, or delicious fruit with liqueur. As you taste more liqueurs you will discover many flavours in liqueurs and you will learn what is a good match with each other.

Liqueur Tasting Glasses

The perfect liqueur glasses for tasting There are many types of liqueur glasses, but which one is the best for tasting? We always recommend a Glencairn glass, this glass is specially designed to taste as good as possible your liqueur. A lot of time and research went into this and the result is the perfect liqueur tasting glass! We had this patented glass specially customised with a Tasting Collection logo to be the perfect partner for the Tasting Collection tastings. Order it here, or add it to your order, because a good liqueur glass really is the best!

Perfect for everyone from beginner to Liqueur Expert!

We often get the question; Which liqueur is good for a beginner? And that is one of the most difficult questions. Because tastes differ, do you also not know where to start? Then we recommend you to start with a nice liqueur set, which one you choose does not matter yet, because in this set you get many different styles and you will discover the quickest which liqueur you like best. Once you have discovered which type of liqueur you like best you can choose one of the other sets. This way there is always enough to taste. As we always say, "The only way to become a liqueur expert is to taste as many liqueurs as possible. The cheapest and fastest way to do this is with Tasting Collection. Because if you buy full bottles, you taste very few different Liqueurs in a year, but you drink a lot of the same ones.