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Discover the best Tequilas with the beautiful Tequila tasting sets from Tasting Collection. Have a wonderful evening of tasting fun as you learn about the different types of Tequila. From the biggest and most famous brands to extremely rare and special Tequilas. A wonderful gift or a wonderful present for yourself!

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How we make the perfect Tequila tastings

Tasting Collection went in search of the best Tequila to make tastings of it. And a world opened up to us. Where many people know Tequila as the nasty shots that are forced on you when you have absolutely no appetite for them, we found out that there are super delicious tequilas that you can sip and enjoy for a long time.

There are many different types of Tequila, Blanco or Silver, Reposado and Anejo. This designation really only says something about how long the Tequila has aged on Oak. Blanco and Silver have aged for the shortest time, usually not at all, leaving the colour bright transparent. This also imparts the least wood flavour, making them nice and light in flavour. This also makes them very suitable for use in cocktails where the flavour should not be too overpowering. Reposado Tequilas are aged slightly longer, between 2 to 12 months, giving them a nice character from the oak barrels. Anejo are the longest-aged Tequilas, these have been aged in oak for between 1 and 4 years. This gives them a deeper flavour full of character.

The different Tequila tastings

The Tequila Tasting Collections come in 2 luxury boxes of 6 different tubes or in a nice box of 12 different tubes.

Tequila Gift

Tequila tastings are, also great gifts to give to a Tequila lover. Or, of course, to gift to yourself.