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Mussini, 12 Y (0.25 ℓ)

The Mussini family’s Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is a smooth, dark, glossy vinegar with bitter-sweet flavour, good density and excellent sweet-sour balance. It is obtained from a mixture of cooked musts of typical local, all-Italian grapes with small additions of good wine vinegar. It is fined with slow and constant ageing in oak barrels. Strong and unique flavour with well-balanced hints that offer well-rounded aromas and flavour. Ideal for cooked or grilled vegetables, roast or boiled meat, grilled or boiled fish, frittatas, prawns, shellfish, aged cheeses, caviare, fruit salads, desserts, as a digestive.

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Brand/Distillery Mussini
Region Italy
Contents 0.25 L / 25 CL