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Johnnie Walker, 15 Y - Green Label (0.7 ℓ)

Early on the Walker family started buying distilleries. Especially distilleries in the Scottish Highlands were sought after. Owning distilleries made it possible to guarantee a constant supply of single malt whisky, in order to produce blends of the highest quality. The Highlands scenery is varied, from some of the highest mountains in Scotland to long stretching fields of heather. There’s a large variety of micro-climates. Every Highland single malt has its own character. This Green Label is a blend of 12 leading Scotch single malts from the Highlands, and all are aged for a minimum of 15 years.


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Brand/Distillery Johnnie Walker
Region Blended Scotch
Contents 0.7 L / 70 CL
Alcohol % 43%