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Bitter Truth - Elixer (0.5 ℓ)

Bitter Truth’s EXR Bitter Liqueur is a traditional Alpine bitter. It’s velvety smooth yet clean, aromatic and herbaceous. It has elements of the sweetness of Port and the bitterness found in classic Italian Amaro. Bitter Truth EXR Bitter Liqueur can compete with the finest vermouths. Great to experiment with in cocktails, but also fantastic as a digestif.

The Bitter Truth was at the forefront of the current cocktail renaissance. Their liqueurs come in a wide range of flavors and are used in the world’s best bars, but also perfect for crafting a delicious drink in your own home.

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Brand/Distillery The Bitter Thruth
Region Germany
Contents 0.5 L / 50 CL
Alcohol % 30%