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Bombay Sapphire - Sunset Special Edition

Master of Botanicals Ivano Tonutti and Master Distiller Anne Brock select the warming spices of Indian cardamom and golden turmeric together with the vibrancy of bittersweet Spanish mandarin oranges and combine these with the natural botanicals of Bombay Sapphire, to create a complex but beautifully balanced gin that perfectly captures the glow of the sunset. It conjures the orange-red glow and the last, lingering warmth of the setting sun as it melts into the golden horizon. The mood mellows as day becomes night and the sounds and exotic aromas of the evening begin to fill the cool-ing air. It is a moment gently charged with sensuous pleasure and anticipation.


Merk/Distilleerderij Bombay
Region England
Inhoud 0.7 L / 70 CL
Alcohol % 43%