Gin Verkostung 12 Proben Set im Geschenkbox

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Einzigartige Whiskyverkostung von 12 ganz besonderen Gins in einer schönen Geschenkbox. Entdecken Sie Ihren Lieblings-Gin und lernen Sie, die Unterschiede zu erkennen. Genießen Sie, während Sie zum Experten werden.

Bestellen Sie eine Gin Tasting Collection und eine ganz neue Welt wird sich für Sie öffnen!

Diese Gin-Verkostung enthält:
• 12 Glasröhrchen mit 25 ml Gin
• Booklet mit Abbildungen und Beschreibungen der Gins
• Luxuriöse Geschenkbox
* Verkostungsglas nicht enthalten

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Contains 12 glass tubes of 25 ml with the following Gins:

Bombay - Sapphire

United Kingdom

This famous English London Dry Gin, based on 10 herbs including juniper berry, coriander, liquorice, almonds and lime peels, is known as a soft, aromatic Gin. At the end of the 1980s, this Gin was reintroduced in order to give a new boost to Gin's dusty image. All ingredients are infused in grain alcohol, so none of the herbs used are heated. The result is a fine Gin for all kinds of cocktails. Purely, it is a soft fruity and spicy Gin.

40% Vol.

1689 - Authentic Dutch Dry Gin


In 1689 Dutch King William of Orange was proclaimed King of England. He was largely responsible for introducing the British to gin and even went so far as to make his own. The 1689 Authentic Dutch Dry Gin is based on the King’s original recipe, uncovered from the British Library. But while all the ingredients were listed, the quantities were coded. Together with the experienced distillers of Herman Jansen in Schiedam they nonetheless created a delicious gin based on the original ingredients, including red quince, juniper, lemon peel and aniseed.

42% Vol.

Bosford - Rose Premium Gin

United Kingdom

Pink is in! Riding the pink wave, Bosford Rose Premium Gin is an authentic gin, which recipe dates back to 1948. Some of the key botanicals are juniper, coriander, angelica, lemon peel and orange peel. The pink hue is added by strawberries and raspberries, giving the gin a summery and vibrant character.

37.5% Vol.

Oxley - London Dry Gin


Oxley Gin is a traditional London Dry Gin made with untraditional methods. In order to retain as much freshness from the botanicals as possible, Oxley Gin is made by using a cold distillation process. For instance, it allows Oxley Gin to use fresh frozen citrus peel, instead of the typical fried peel. It took eight years and 38 recipes of experimentation for the founders of Oxley Gin to finally find their perfect recipe.

47% Vol.

Gordon's - Premium Pink

United Kingdom

Pink Gin is really becoming popular, and while it was originally defined as gin with Angostura bitters, the category has now branched out and is often a gin infused with pink fruit. One such example is the excellent Gordon’s – Premium Pink. It is inspired by Gordon’s original gin recipe from the 1880s and has that refreshing taste Gordon’s is known for, but with an added natural sweetness of raspberries and strawberries. Gordon’s – Premium Pink is made using only natural fruit flavors to guarantee the highest quality real berry taste.

37.5% Vol.

Jinzu Gin


Made in Scotland but inspired by Japan, and with an English woman as the driving force. Bartender Dee Davies designed Jinzu Gin for Diageo’s Show Your Spirit in 2013, which went on to win the competition. Jinzu Gin is great and an ultimate example of East meets West. Traditional gin botanicals such as juniper are combined with Eastern inspired flavors such as sake, yuzu and cherry blossom.

41.3% Vol.

Aviation Gin

United States of America

Aviation Gin takes a Dutch style rye spirit and combines it with juniper, anise, lavender, sarsaparilla, cardamom and orange peel. This intriguing gin was founded in 2006 and is named after the Aviation cocktail. Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds became involved a few years ago, given this delicious tipple a much-deserved publicity boost.

42% Vol.

1689 - Pink Gin


The 1689 Queen Mary Pink Gin is made after an original gin recipe from 1689 found in the annals of the British Library. It’s named after the wife of King William of Orange and based on a footnote on the old recipe: adding strawberries and raspberries to the distillation of the 1689 Dry Gin makes for a pink-hued spirit with a fantastic fruity taste. This is the original fruit-flavoured gin!

38.5% Vol.

Sir Edmond Gin

The Netherlands

Sir Edmond is a Dutch gin produced by Herman Jansen, a company that traces its heritage all the way back to 1777. Sir Edmond Gin has all the usual botanicals like juniper, angelica and cardamom, but vanilla is a bit of an odd duck. Sir Edmond Gin claims to be the world’s first vanilla-infused gin and won a Master Medal at the 2017 Gin Masters. The perfect service is with cinnamon and an orange slice.

40% Vol.

Tanqueray - Ten


Started in 1830 by Charles Tanqueray, this English Gin is a classic. Tanqueray Ten is named after the small still, the Tiny Ten. This stil has a capacity of 400 litres, in which the ingredients are cooked for a fourth distillation. In addition to angelica, coriander, juniper berry and lemon, chamomile is an important addition. The chamomile gives the Gin its floral softness. Also the fact that slightly less juniper is used here, makes this Gin a bit softer than the Tanqueray London Dry.

47.3% Vol.

Gabriel Boudier - Saffron Gin


Gabriel Boudier has been a small distillery in the Dijon region since 1874. Based on an old colonial recipe of 8 natural botanicals, the Saffron Gin is distilled in small quantities in traditional copper pot stills. The ingredients used are juniper, coriander, lemon, orange peel, angelica seeds, orris and fennel, but of course also saffron, which gives the Gin its beautiful orange colour, making you first think it's a liqueur. Don't be mistaken; this is a very nice full and spicy Gin.

40% Vol.

Villa Ascenti Gin


Villa Ascenti is a new super-premium gin from Italy, made with signature ingredients from the hills of Piemonte. Master distiller Lorenzo Rosso is a trained winemaker and distiller born and bred in the region. He works with local producers and farmers to source ingredients for Villa Ascenti Gin. Among them are Moscato grapes, fresh mint and thyme. The grapes are harvested in August and September before undergoing triple distillation. During the final distillation the Moscato grapes are infused with Tuscan juniper berries. Villa Ascenti is a classic gin capturing the taste of Italy.

41% Vol.