Whisky Proeverijen
The Best Whisky's

Whisky Tastings

Discover your favorite whisky and learn to distinguish the differences. Enjoy while you become an expert.

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The Finest Cognacs

Cognac Tastings

Liquid gold. Enrich and refine your taste. Discover all Cognacs, from the big brands to the less familiar ones.

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The Purest Tea

Tea Tastings

Grown with care, carefully picked by hand. The purest tea from around the world. Meet real pristine tea and enjoy...

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Artisan Olive Oil & Balsamic

Oil & Balsamic

Straight from the land, pure and refined. Discover olive oil and vinegars from different regions and the unexpected applications that enrich your taste.

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The Best Grappas

Grappa Tastings

The grape, with authentic Italian love and rich knowledge transformed into a superb digestive. Discover the best artisanal grappa in this wonderful tasting.

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The Finest Herbs

Herb Tastings

Seasonings from around the world. Pure and without any addition. Learn with this tasting to enrich your meal with special ingredients that challenge your skills as a chef...

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The Finest Port

Port Tastings

From Portugal, with love... Taste and learn the differences with this tasting and enjoy this particular beverage so much more.

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Gin Tastings
The coolest Gin

Gin Tastings

The new trend! Gin is the 'fashionable drink' this summer. Find your favorite with this tasting and enjoy ‘upper class’.

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