Rum Dégustation 6 échantillons set en coffret box de cadeau en bois

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Dégustation unique de 6 rhums spéciaux dans une belle boîte cadeau en bois. Découvrez votre rhum préféré et apprenez à distinguer les différences. Un pur plaisir tout en devenant un expert. Commandez dès maintenant une collection de dégustation de rhum et un monde s'ouvrira à vous !

Cette collection de dégustation de rhum se compose de :

  • 6 tubes de verre de 25 ml de rhum
  • Livret avec images et descriptions des rhums
  • Boîte cadeau de luxe en bois

*(Le verre de dégustation peut être acheté séparément à la caisse)

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Contains 6 glass tubes of 25 ml with the following Rums:

Clement - L'Elixir


Clement was founded in 1887 and is considered to be the founder of the Rhum Agricole of Martinique, France. They produce the Rhum from pure sugarcane juice (Rhum Agricole). The Rhum matures on French oak and is distilled in traditional French copper pot stills of French origin. The Clement - Elixir is a blend of beautiful Rhums and matures for at least 6 years in oak barrels.

42% Vol.

Ron Zacapa - XO


Published in honour of the 100th anniversary of the town of Zacapa, located in eastern Guatamala. Unlike most rums, virgin sugar cane honey is used instead of molasses. Zacapa XO is a blend of 6 to 25 year old rums. The blend is extra matured in old French oak Cognac casks. The low temperatures cause slow maturation, while the low air pressure increases the wood contact. For the Solera system, Bourbon, Sherry and Pedro Ximenez barrels are used.

40% Vol.

Dictador XO - Perpetual


In 1913, Julio Arango y Parra founded the Destilería Colombiana in Cartagene. His intention was to make the best Rum of Colombia. Dictador is the exception to the rule that Spanish style Rum is made from molasses. Dictador makes Rum with pure sugar cane juice. They distil in copper pot stills and use American oak barrels for maturing. The XO Perpetual is a blend of older barrels from different seasons.

40% Vol.

Facundo - Exquisito


Named after its founder, the Facundo Collection is a premium range of rums from Bacardí, one of the best-selling rum brands worldwide. You won’t find a much older Bacardí rum than the Facundo Exquisito, which is a blend of rums that have aged for 7 to 23 years. The rum was finished in ex-sherry casks for at least a month.

40% Vol.

Abuelo Centuria


A rum in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Varela Hermanos SA distillery in Panama. The 1908 sugar factory also started distilling Rum in 1935. Meanwhile, Abuelo is a well-known Spanish style Panama Rum who releases various varieties. Centuria is a blend of various barrels, the oldest of which have matured for 30 years. The use of toasted barrels of American oak leaves the Rum with a hint of smoke, vanilla and dried fruit.

40% Vol.

Flor de Cana, 25 Y


In 1890, the Pellas de Flor de Caña family started a distillery in Nicaragua. The fifth generation is now in power. After the political revolution in Nicaragua in 1979, the family decided that they should save Rum for uncertain times; to this decision we owe this Ultra Premium Rum. After more than 25 years of maturing in former Jack Daniel's barrels, this is a beautifully complex Spanish style Rum.

40% Vol.