Rum Dégustation 6 échantillons set en coffret de cadeau box

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Une collection unique de 6 Rhums très spéciaux dans un superbe coffret cadeau. Découvrez vos Rhum préférés et apprenez à distinguer leurs subtilités. Amusez vous à devenir un veritable expert. Commandez le coffret de Rhum Tasting Collection, et un nouveau monde de saveurs s’ouvre à vous.

Cette dégustation de rhum consiste en:
• 6 tubes de verre de 25 ml de rhum
• Livret avec photos et descriptions des rhums
• Coffret cadeau de luxe
*(Tasting glass vendu séparément en caisse)

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Contains 6 glass tubes of 25 ml with the following Rums:

Angostura - 1919

Trinidad & Tobago

A Trinidad and Tobago Rum, from the distillery where the Angostura bitters also come from. Founded in 1824, Angostura is a traditional distillery where they produce a soft rum. Because Trinidad has been ruled by England for a long time, their Rum is part of the English style. The story of the 1919 dates back to 1932, when they discovered some old barrels of rum from 1919, which they mixed with their 8 year old Rum. An unfiltered, soft rum with clear vanilla tones.

40% Vol.

Appleton Estate - Signature Blend


The Appleton plantation already existed in 1655, when the English conquered Jamaica on the Spaniards. Rum has also been produced since 1749. The Appleton is an English style Rum, Jamaica rum is a very hard Rum with fruits and hints of rubber. The Rum is Pot Still distilled and matured in Jack Daniel's barrels. This Signature is a blend of up to 15 Rums, after blending the Rum is matured a few months extra on new oak barrels.

40% Vol.

Havana Club, 3 Y


Havana Club is the leading Cuban rum brand and the Havana Club 3 Y is easily its best-known expression. It is 100% made in Cuba and has a fresh character that makes it a perfect ingredient for Cuban Mojitos or Daquiris. Havana Club 3 Y ages in ex-bourbon casks giving the rum a light straw-like hue. It is the most rewarded Cuban rum with 27 medals in tasting competition in the last four years.

40% Vol.

El Dorado, 8 Y


El Dorado Rum is produced at Diamond Distillery, the last surviving rum distillery in Guyana. All El Dorado rums are made using molasses produced by the local sugar factory from 100% Demerara sugar. Diamond Distillery can produce a slew of different rums, which benefits the El Dorado 8-years-old. It is a blend of aged rums from no fewer than four of the traditional stills, including the original wooden Coffey still from Enmore, and the double wooden pot still from Port Mourant.

40% Vol.

Goslings - Black Seal

Bermuda Islands

Goslings - Black Seal is a distinctive, dark rum blended in Bermuda. The rum ages for 3 to 6 yeas in re-charred American oak barrels that have previously been used to age bourbon. Goslings Black Seal is distilled in both pot stills and continuous stills and has been around since the 19th century. It’s called Black Seal after the black sealing wax that was used to seal the champagne bottles in which it was reclaimed from the British Officer’s Mess.

40% Vol.

Abuelo, 12 Y - Gran Reserva


After the establishment of the republic of Panama, José Varela started a cane mill in Pesé in 1908. In 1935 he started making Rum. Abuelo is a recognizable Panamanian Rum in the Spanish style; soft with beautiful sweet influences. The Rum has matured for 12 years according to the Solera principle (the barrels are filled with new Rum every year). The Gran Reserva is fruity with herbs and nuts; a wonderful example of a Panama Rum.

40% Vol.