Grappa Dégustation set Tasting Collection 6 tubes en boîte cadeau 6.1

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Une collection unique de 6 Grappas très spéciaux dans un superbe coffret cadeau. Découvrez vos Grappa préférés et apprenez à distinguer leurs subtilités. Amusez vous à devenir un veritable expert. Commandez le coffret de Grappa Tasting Collection, et un nouveau monde de saveurs s’ouvre à vous.

Cette dégustation de grappa consiste en:
• 6 tubes de verre de 25 ml de grappa
• Livret avec photos et descriptions des grappas
• Coffret cadeau de luxe
*(Tasting glass vendu séparément en caisse)

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Contains 12 glass tubes of 25 ml with the following Grappas:

Villa Isa - Moscato Rovere


When Oenologist Roberto Dellavalle opened the Villa Isa distilleria in 1983 near Asti (Piemonte), he had extensive experience in making Grappa and wine. His idea was to make Grappa of the separate grapes; the so-called Monovitigno Grappa. For example, he uses the Moscato grape pulp. The Muscat (Moscato) grape is a somewhat sweeter white grape. That can be tasted well in this grappa. Soft, accessible and fruity. With a well-made Grappa, the wine is definitely recognizable.

42% Vol.

Villa Isa - Chardonnay


The white Chardonnay grape grows all over the world. This is why it has become a popular white wine. In Piedmont, a fruity and sturdy Chardonnay is made. The Grappa that is made from it is therefore a very popular one. A few days or weeks after the pulp goes to the distillery after pressing, the produced alcohol is steamed from the pulp. Afterwards, Grappa is made from it. The Chardonnay Grappa is fresh and characterized by a light apple acidity. A fine Grappa after a solid meal.

42% Vol.

Marolo di Barolo


In 1977 the Santoa Teresa distillery was founded in the city of Alba in the Piedmont region in the far north-west of Italy and ranks among the world's best wine regions. Here Paolo Marolo creates this elegant grappa variations. As a result, he is considered one of the most successful distillers. This grappa has matured 4 years in acacia wood barrels and is made according to the traditional process.

50% Vol.

Terre Antiche - Amarone Riserva


'The old country', or Terre Antiche, is a small Grappa label of Distilleria Dellavalle. For this Grappa, the grapes of the Amarone wine are used, a famous wine from the Valpolicella area in Veneto, were used. Amarone consists of several grape varieties which are slightly dried before pressing. This Amarone Grappa is therefore very strong and powerful. The colour of the Grappa tells us that a short ripening period took place on oak barrels, also visible from the addition to the name, Riserva.

42% Vol.

Nonino - Merlot


The art of distillation has been a privilege of the Nonino family since 1897. One of the family’s great claims to fame is the introduction of single varietal grappa in 1973, made from just one grape variety. Nonino – Merlot is exclusively made from Merlot grapes. The artisanal distillation of destalked grape pomace takes place in steam-powered stills, only selecting the heart of each distillation. Because the Nonino family distil their pomace not long after the harvest, they manage to retain important organoleptic characteristics.

41% Vol.

Le Opere - Prosecco


The Zanin Distilleria in Zugliano (Veneto) has been making Grappa since 1895. Zanin started early on with Monovitigno Grappa, which means nothing more than that the Grappa is made from one kind of grape. After pressing the grapes by the winemaker, the pulp goes to the distillery. The alcohol is steamed out of the pulp and Grappa is distilled from it. The white Prosecco grape is quite light and easy, which is easily recognizable in the Grappa. Fresh fruit tones with a little pepper. Unfurtunately, you won't find bubbles in this Grappa, like in Prosecco wine.

40% Vol.