Villa de Varda - Moscato Riserva (0.7 ℓ)

The town of Asti (Piemonte) has become famous for its Moscato d'Asti, a slightly sparkling sweet white wine. Roberto Dellavalle likes to make Grappa out of it. The Muscat (Moscato) grape makes for a slightly sweet, soft and spicy Grappa. This Moscato has matured for a year, hence the beautiful color. The reason why so much Grappa is made in Italy is actually very logical; the state taxes the grape pulp. Wine makers therefore sell their pulp to Grappa distillers. The Grappa distillers have a wide range of pulp and can make more than enough Grappa.

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Brand/Distillery Villa de Varda
Region Italy
Contents 0.7 L / 70 CL
Alcohol % 40%