Benromach, 10 Y - 100º Proof (0.7 ℓ)

With Benromach's restyling, also this 100 Proof is added. Aged for 80% in bourbon barrels, for 20% in sherry hogs heads and a finish of one year on first-fill Oloroso casks. Bottled at 57%. The designation '100 Proof 'originates from the imperial system, and translates to the metric 57%. 'Proof' is derived from the ancient practice of skeptical sailors to test the strength of their rum ration. To this end, they mixed the drink with gunpowder and if the mixture ignited, the strength was "proved".

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Brand/Distillery Benromach
Region Speyside
Contents 0.7 L / 70 CL
Alcohol % 57%