Pampero - Blanco

There’s more to Pampero Blanco than you’d think. This white rum is fresh, clean, easy to mix and drink, but it’s also an aged rum, made from a blend of traditional white rum aged for up to 4 years. One of Venezuela’s preeminent rums, Pampero’s story begins in Caracas, 1938. Alejandro Hernandez and Luis Toro embraced the free spirit of the Llanero—the Venezuelan cowboys who helped liberate Central American Countries from Spanish colonizers. The two friends had an unquenchable passion for making rum and took the unlikely step of using oak casks for aging. Pampero became the first aged rum in the country.
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Contents 1 L / 100 CL
Alcohol % 37.5%
Region Venezuela
Distillery Pampero