Whisky du Monde Dégustation 12 échantillons set en coffret de cadeau box

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Dégustation unique de 12 whiskies très spéciaux dans un magnifique coffret cadeau. Découvrez votre whisky préféré et apprenez à en distinguer les différences. Profitez-en tout en devenant un expert.

Commandez une collection de dégustation de whisky et un tout nouveau monde s'ouvrira à vous !

Cette dégustation de whisky contient :
• 12 tubes en verre de 25 ml de whisky
• Un livret avec des illustrations et des descriptions des whiskies
• Boîte cadeau de luxe
Verre de dégustation non inclus

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Contains 12 glass tubes of 25 ml with the following Whiskies:

Amrut - Fusion


This whisky is distilled from barley from Scotland and India, making this a true fusion of countries. Jim Murray’s Third Finest Whisky in the World for 2010. The nose is rich, barley and fruity. Big on citrus, spices, creamy sweetness with a hint of peat. In the palate you will find an oaky, rich and gentle peat with coffee and dark fruity chocolate. The finish is long, spiced with marmalade sweetness.

50% Vol.

Suntory - Toki


Suntory is one of Japan’s largest producers of whisky, as they own several different distilleries. The Suntory Toki is one of their new modern releases, and is a blended whisky created from Suntory’s three distilleries: Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita. It works great as an easy sipping whisky to spend an evening with, but the Suntory Toki also does really well in a highball – a popular combination of whisky and soda that has captured the imagination of Japan.

43% Vol.

Knappogue Castle, 12 Y


In 1951 Mark Andrews, owner of the Knappogue Castle, bought barrels of whiskey from other distilleries, which he left to mature in sherry barrels. 36 years later it was bottled as 'Knappoque Castle'. His son selects some good barrels from one distillate each year with whiskey expert Jim Murray. Per 'vintage' year the taste and smell can vary because of that. Irish whiskey makers state that no peat fire is used for malting.

43% Vol.

Nomad - Outland


Nomad – Outland is not your average whisky. This unique blended whisky is a collaboration between master distiller Richard Paterson and the renowned sherry producer Gonzalez Byass. Nomad – Outland is made with over 30 malt and grain whiskies aged between 5 and 8 years. After initial maturation of several years in Sherry butts, the whisky is shipped from Scotland to Spain, where it is finished in Pedro Ximénez casks for a year.

41.3% Vol.

Bulleit, 10 Y


The Bulleit, 10 Y has picked up many awards over the years, including a series of gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. That’s shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone who’s ever had a taste of this glorious bourbon. Based on an old family recipe of Thomas E. Bulleit, the Bulleit, 10 Y has aged charred American white oak barrels, set aside for 10 years. The result is a smooth sipping experience.

45.6% Vol.

Penderyn - Legend


Somewhere in the late nineties, a group of friends were sitting in a pub somewhere in Wales. They openly dreamt about building a Whisky distillery. And after a lot of effort, it was ready in 2004. After more than a hundred years Wales had a distillery; The Penderyn. They make Whisky of excellent quality on a small scale. The Legend has matured in bourbon barrels and gets a finish on Portuguese Madeira barrels. The end result is soft and spicy with lots of character.

41% Vol.

Vink - Triple Wood

The Netherlands

Vink Triple Wood is a Dutch whisky founded by the people behind the innovative Kever Genever. Produced at distillery De Tweekoppige Phoenix, Vink Whisky has aged for three to seven years. It’s not a malt whisky. Barley is the dominant grain, but rye, corn and wheat is also used. Vink Whisky matured in a first-fill ex-bourbon casks, a refill bourbon cask that was previously used to mature Scotch whisky and a former Bordeaux red wine cask made from French oak. Not your average cask recipe.

42.7% Vol.

Kavalan - Classic Single Malt


From the moment its first whisky was released in 2008, Kavalan has been a major success. One of the highlights in the relatively young history of this Taiwanese distillery came in 2015, when one of its whiskies was awarded the title “World’s Best Single Malt Whisky.” Due to the warmer climate in Taiwan, Kavalan’s whisky matures at a different rate than it would in Scotland. A great example is the distillery’s flagship expression, Kavalan Single Malt. Sometimes ages simply doesn’t matter.

40% Vol.

Armorik - Classic


Armorik is the whisky of the Warenghem Distillery, located in Lannion in Brittany, France. The distillery was founded in 1900 by Leon Warenghem and made Jenever, fruit distillates and liqueurs for almost a century. Since 1998, the very first Breton Single Malt whisky has been added to this list. This Armorik Classic is a mix of several years and has matured on bourbon barrels and barrels of Breton oak. The whisky is soft, spicy and fruity.

46% Vol.

Black Velvet - Reserve, 8 Y


This whisky was first produced in 1951. The brand was known at the time as 'Black Label', but after the first batch was sampled by Jack Napier, it was changed to Black Velvet. The Whisky is known for its velvety smooth taste. Black Velvet has been producing the 'Reserve' since 1991; an 8-year-old Whisky made by mixing the Rye of both aged and non-aged corn after which the mixture matures for 8 years, giving it a nutty and spicy character.

40% Vol.

Säntis Malt - Sigel


For a long time, distilling spirits from grain was not allowed in Switzerland. When the ban was finally lifted in 1999, the beer brewers at Brauerei Locher set out to create the first Swiss single malt whisky ever – Säntis Malt was born. The distillery has picked up all kinds of awards since. Not surprisingly, the distillery/brewery is known for using old beer casks for maturation, like it does for its Sigel expression. The result is a wonderfully hoppy whisky that highlights the grains that are at the heart this single malt whisky.

40% Vol.

Mackmyra - Svensk Rök


Svensk Rök is the first smoked whisky from Sweden and the idea of a group of friends, born on their winter sports holiday. After many study trips to Scotland, they founded the Mackmyra Svensk Whisky Comp in 1999. The malt was dried above a fire of peat and juniper bushes. This gives him tones of juniper and smoke. Now, also Swedish oak barrels are used, which are seared on the inside in order to obtain the sweet aromas of the wood.

46.1% Vol.