Thee Degustatie 6 samples set in in cadeau box

€ 25,95

Unique Tea tasting of 6 very special Teas in a beautiful gift box. Discover your favorite Tea and learn to distinguish the differences. Enjoy while you become an expert.

Order a Tea Tasting Collection and a whole new world will open for you!

This Tea tasting contains:
• 6 glass tubes of 25 ml Tea
• Booklet with illustrations and descriptions of the Teas
• Luxury gift box

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Contains 6 glass tubes of 25 ml with the following Teas:

Sweet Lemon Tea

Herbal Tea

This herbal blend is not really a Tea, as it does not contain any tea leaves. This "tea" is made of Mint, Lemongrass, Liquorice and Apple. The result is a delicious Tisane with a perfect sweet-sour balance that immediately gives you a fresh boost.

Rooibos Orange

Rooibos Tea

A rooibos with the aroma of juicy, sun-ripened oranges, a delicious summer drink for in the sun, but of course you can make a nice Ice Tea out of it. Also very tasty in winter, close your eyes and you feel like you are on holiday!

Strawberry Pepper


The combination of strawberry and pepper is often used as the basis for a dessert. This combination is now also used in this tea blend Strawberry & Pepper on a baisis of fermented Rooibos tea from South Africa, which gives it its ruby red color. By adding pieces of dried strawberry the tea gets a fresh sweet taste and by adding peppercorns, a slightly spicy aftertaste.

Japanese Cherry Tea

Green Tea

The Japanese Cherry Blend is a delicious classic. Made of fine green tea with delightful cherry aroma and Paklum blossom. Brew this tea in water of 60-80 degrees Celsius and allow it to infuse for a maximum of 2 minutes. Then the aroma and basic tea are in balance. If you let it infuse longer, the taste may become slightly bitter.

Coconut Truffle

White Tea

This Coconut Truffle is a tasty flavoured white tea. White tea is easy to prepare, as it is a slow breeder and a very mild tea. This is combined with delicious coconut pieces, cocoa, apple, blackberry leaf and lapacho.

China Golden Yunnan

Black Tea

Golden Yunnan is a delicious black tea from the southern Chinese Yunnan region. A nicely processed tea leaf with a slightly baked taste profile. Golden Yunnan naturally contains a little less caffeine which makes it very suitable for drinking in the evening.