Vodka Verkostung 6 Proben set im Geschenkbox aus Holz

€ 51,95

Einzigartige Kollektion mit 6 besonderen Vodkas in einer hölzernen Geschenkbox. Entdecken Sie Ihren Lieblingsvodka und lernen Sie, die Unterschiede zu erkennen. Pures Vergnügen und gleichzeitig ein Experte werden. Bestellen Sie jetzt eine Vodka-Tasting-Collection und eine Welt wird sich für Sie öffnen!

Diese Vodka Tasting Collection besteht aus:

  • 6 Glasröhrchen mit 25 ml vodka
  • Booklet mit Bildern und Beschreibungen der vodkas
  • Luxuriöse Geschenkbox aus Holz

*(Das Probierglas kann separat an der Kasse gekauft werden)

Auf Lager

Contains 6 glass tubes of 25 ml with the following Vodkas:

Legend Of Kremlin


Legend has it that the monk Isidor produced the first vodka in the 15th century on the spot where now stands the Kremlin; Monastery Chodov. This is also invoked as evidence in an international arbitration case concerning the Russian origin of vodka. Legend of Kremlin takes you back to the cradle of traditions of Russian vodka. According to the original recipe, still 5 times distilled in customized copper vats using filters made of marble, silver and platinum.

40% Vol.



Along with soft Titlis glacier water, rich in oxygen and minerals, and slightly alkaline, which makes XELLENT virtually pH-neutral, the most important raw material is the highest quality Swiss rye of the varieties “Picasso” and “Matador”. This vodka is distilled 3 times in pot stills to over 96% purity. After a resting phase of several months, XELLENT is reduced carefully to the drinking strength of 40% ABV, in stages with short breaks in between.

40% Vol.

Heavy Water


Heavy Water is a handcrafted, made from pure Swedish water from an underground lake that originates back from the last Ice Age, 5-10,000 years ago, which was recently discovered under the Swedish countryside and Scandinavian winter wheat, harvested 6 months later than regular wheat, containing a higher level of starch, which in turn produces a higher level and quality vodka. Distilled more than 5 times.

40% Vol.

Chopin - Potato


At Chopin, in their traditional Polish way, they make all their Vodka in both Pot Stills and Column Stills. The ingredients they use, such as potatoes, rye and wheat, all grow in a radius of 25 kilometers around their distillery. Chopin always uses only 1 ingredient for their Vodka. As a result, their different Vodka's are really different from one another; A unique way of working! This Chopin Potato is 4 times distilled; The potato can be tasted well. Note the earthly tones in this creamy and certainly powerful Vodka. Ideal to enjoy pure.

40% Vol.

Finlandia - Platinum


Finlandia is produced in Finland from Finnish 6th generation barley and glacial spring water. The barley is distilled into a neutral spirit, with the aid of a continuous multi-pressure distillation system in the village Koskenkorva. The distilled alcohol is bottled in the village Rajamäki, blended with glacial water. Because this water is filtered naturally - formed by sand and moraine by retreating glaciers during the Ice Age- no deionization, reverse osmosis treatment or other artificial purification is necessary.

40% Vol.

Grey Goose


An idea of American billionaire Sidney Frank, but distilled in France, in the town of Cognac. Made from French winter wheat, which is sown and harvested at different times than usual, and the high purity water from the 'Gente Spring'. Bottled with a removable cork instead of a screw cap. In the first year of production of Grey Goose, this premium vodka was hailed as "The World's Best Tasting Vodka" by the Chicago Beverage Testing Institute and was also awarded a platinum medal at the World Spirits Championship in San Francisco.

40% Vol.