Vodka Verkostung 6 Proben set im Geschenkbox

€ 34,95

Einzigartige Vodka-Verkostung von 6 ganz besonderen Vodkas in einer schönen Geschenkbox. Entdecken Sie Ihren Lieblingsvodka und lernen Sie, die Unterschiede zu erkennen. Genießen Sie, während Sie ein Experte werden.

Bestellen Sie eine Vodka Tasting Collection und eine ganz neue Welt wird sich Ihnen eröffnen!

Diese Wodka-Verkostung enthält:
• 6 Glasröhrchen mit 25 ml Vodka
• Booklet mit Abbildungen und Beschreibungen der Vodkas
• Luxuriöse Geschenkbox
* Verkostungsglas nicht enthalten

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Contains 6 glass tubes of 25 ml with the following Vodkas:

Eristoff - Brut


Eristoff was named after Prince Eristoff and based on his personal recipe from 1806. To this day Eristoff Vodka is as clean and crisp as it was two centuries ago, embodying the true nature of the wolf: nocturnal and instinctive. The wolf was chosen by the Eristoffs as the icon for the vodka, which was born in the country of Georgia, which is also known as ‘The Land of the Wolf’.

37.5% Vol.

Kauffman Soft


Kauffman Vodka is produced in Moscow, Russia. Introduced in 2000 by Dr. Mark Kauffman. It is produced from the wheat of a single harvest; thus, it has a specific vintage. Kauffman insists that each year, strict quality control measures be taken to ensure the optimal quality of the wheat crop. As a result, Kauffman may not be produced in years when the wheat harvest is deemed substandard. To ensure only the highest quality, this vodka is distilled 14 times and filtered twice: once through birch charcoal, and once through quartz sand.

40% Vol.

Tito's - Hand made Vodka


Tito’s Vodka is a modern vodka founded by Tito Beveridge, a Texan who used to work in the oil and gas industry. After years of experimenting, he finally landed on a vodka “so smooth that you could drink it straight.” Tito’s Vodka is distilled six times in a pot still and filtered to reach a quality level approved by Tito.

40% Vol.

Snow Queen


A very elegant, silky vodka, made in Kazakhstan of fine, organically grown grains and melt water from the Himalayas. This vodka is distilled 5 times. From 2007, Snow Queen Vodka received 10 gold, 7 silver and 8 bronze medals awarded at major international events of the CIS (Almaty, Moscow, St. Petersburg) and in Europe (London, Vienna, Dusseldorf).

40% Vol.

Grey Goose


An idea of American billionaire Sidney Frank, but distilled in France, in the town of Cognac. Made from French winter wheat, which is sown and harvested at different times than usual, and the high purity water from the 'Gente Spring'. Bottled with a removable cork instead of a screw cap. In the first year of production of Grey Goose, this premium vodka was hailed as "The World's Best Tasting Vodka" by the Chicago Beverage Testing Institute and was also awarded a platinum medal at the World Spirits Championship in San Francisco.

40% Vol.

Beluga - Finest


This premium vodka is made in the Mariinsk Distillery in Siberia. The used spring water contains quartz and is mined 300 meters underground. After being distilled 5 times the vodka is further enriched with extracts of rice and Rhodiola Rosea. Every part of the production process is constantly under scrutiny; from the selection of the malt and blending until bottling. Beluga is a handmade vodka; quite exceptional in these times of technology. As a result, only 900 bottles per day are produced.

40% Vol.