Rum Verkostung 6 Proben Set im Geschenkbox aus Holz

€ 58,95

Einzigartige Verkostung von 6 besonderen Rumsorten in einer schönen Holzgeschenkbox. Entdecken Sie Ihren Lieblingsrum und lernen Sie, die Unterschiede zu erkennen. Pures Vergnügen und gleichzeitig ein Experte werden. Bestellen Sie jetzt eine Rum-Tasting-Kollektion und eine Welt wird sich für Sie öffnen!

Diese Rumverkostungssammlung besteht aus:

  • 6 Glasröhrchen mit 25 ml Rum
  • Booklet mit Bildern und Beschreibungen der Rumsorten
  • Luxuriöse Geschenkbox aus Holz

*(Verkostungsglas kann separat an der Kasse gekauft werden)

Auf Lager

Contains 6 glass tubes of 25 ml with the following Rums:

Opthimus, 18 Y

Dominican Republic

Oliver & Oliver is a Cuban company that originates in Cuba and buys Rums from 5 Caribbean countries. Located in the Dominican Republic, they release several Rums including the Opthimus. All rum for the Opthimus comes from the Dominican Republic. They leave this traditional Spanish-style Rum to mature long before they release it. The 18 year old is a wonderful example of this. They are limited editions; each bottle is numbered by hand.

38% Vol.

Facundo - Neo


Named after its founder, the Facundo Collection is a premium range of rums from Bacardí, one of the best-selling rum brands worldwide. Neo is the Spanish word for ‘new’. Its appearance is completely transparent, yet the Bacardí Facundo Neo is blended aged for up to 8 years. They are charcoal filtered to mellow the taste, which also removes the color. A beautifully balanced drink!

40% Vol.

Havana Club - Seleccion Maestro


Havana Club is the most famous Rum of Cuba, founded in 1878. Havana Club has asked a team of highly experienced Rum Maestro's to select their favourite Rum under the leadership of Don José Navarro. These Rums first mature separately in American oak barrels and together they get a finish on specially selected barrels. The Seleccion Maestro is an aromatic rich Spanish style Rum with tones of tobacco, leather and coffee.

45% Vol.

Ron de Jeremy - XO


The Spanish word for rum is RON. There are many Rons, but only one is larger than life – the legendary Ron Jeremy. Fun is the key word when it comes to Ron de Jeremy Rum. If there’s one thing this rum will make you do, is put a smile on your face. Firstly because of the cheeky name, but mostly because it is seriously good liquid. Ron de Jeremy – XO is the best-selling rum of the brand and is a blend of rum from Barbados (Foursquare), Guyana (DDL), Jamaica (various distilleries), and Trinidad (Angostura). That’s as good a rum base as you can expect!

40% Vol.

El Dorado, 15 Y


The Diamond distillery in Guyana has existed since 1670 and is perhaps the oldest working distillery in the Caraiben. They produce Demarara Rum, named after the nearby river. Diamond's special feature is that they have 2 working wooden Pot Stills still and a wooden column Still, a unique feature in the world! This El Dorado is a blend of the various Diamond boilers and is a powerful English-style rum.

43% Vol.

Ron Zacapa - 23


In 1944 Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala was created from a amalgamation of 4 distilleries and produced Rums of high quality. Rum from Guatemala belongs to the Spanish style, but is characterized by a complex, rich taste. Zacapa is a Rum blender who buys the Rum from the distillery. This 23 matures according to the Solera system. The average age is therefore between 6 and 23 years. This Rum rightly won many prizes.

40% Vol.